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The Wedding Ringer
posted by Kathy from 11/10/2007 | 0 Comments | Permalink

Usually I'm just the wedding guest and I'm getting pretty good at it. I don't eat or drink too much and I'm quick to hit the dance floor. But this time I was the wedding ringer... the stand-in for the videographer.

Tonight, my husband's cousin, Lauren Lahmeyer, married Taylor Tankersley (a pitcher for the Florida Marlins) in a beautiful courtyard ceremony at Benvenuto Caterestaurant in Boynton Beach, Florida. Lauren was a stunningly gorgeous bride, just as her sister Jenna Lahmeyer Brannon was only a few years ago. I swear, those two gals could be models!

I started out the day planning to fulfill my role as a good wedding guest (which, by the way, always includes tears -- I'm a sap -- I love love, so I always cry during weddings!). But at the bridesmaid luncheon, I volunteered myself for a real job... unofficial wedding videographer.

You see, Lauren adores home movies. Whenever she comes home for a visit, she pops in the old VHS tapes from her childhood and watches the funny old films for hours. That's why her romantic husband-to-be sent a present to her that would be opened at the bridesmaid luncheon... he gave her a brand new video camera, complete with a pre-taped message from him. All together now... awwwwwww!

Since I know a bit about working a video camera -- in my ("previous life" I was a broadcast journalist for nearly a decade -- I volunteered to shoot the wedding for the couple since they had not hired a videographer. Of all the hats I've worn in weddings over the years this was a first and I had a blast capturing the most exciting day of their lives, thus far. Honestly, it didn't matter whether I had the steadiest picture or the best angle -- I'm not a pro anymore. I'm just thrilled everything came together for them to have the day documented on tape. I'm also honored to know this will probably be their new favorite home video... at least until a baby comes along!

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