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posted by Kathy from 2/25/2008 | 0 Comments | Permalink

Calling all Los Angeles-area brides & bridesmaids!

Do you think you have what it takes to make a big splash on the small screen? If so, a top LA production company is looking for you for a new wedding-themed reality show.

I just spoke with casting director Lacey Pemberton and she's trying to find fun Southern California brides and their bridesmaids (ages 21-35) to be part of a sassy new wedding show for a major cable network (I promised her I wouldn't tell which one, but it's a biggie.)

Here's the show's description:

Through a series of bridal related challenges, our bride will let the women in her life battle it out to prove they are "maid" enough. Do they know the bride better than anyone else? Can they choose the most stylish bridesmaid dress that they know she will love?

If you are a bride with a big decision to make and between 5-7 bridesmaids to choose from, we want to help! Let us know what has made this choice so tough, and tell us about all the lovely ladies you are choosing between.

If you make the cut, your bridal party will need to be available in Mid-March for 4 days of filming in the LA Area.

And that's the catch -- they're getting ready to shoot the show really soon so casting for the show ends this weekend (3/1). If your LA-area bride is interested, ask her to call Lacey Pemberton at 818-760-4442 ASAP.

And if you're chosen for the show, don't forget about the little people... us. Give us all the inside scoop -- inquiring minds want to know!

Candy hearts, roses and... diamonds?
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For some lucky gals out there, the question of the day is not "will you be my valentine?" but "will you be my bride?"

It's not just the chocolate and champagne talking. Many men sweeten the "I do" deal by popping the big question on the most romantic day of the year. (Other holidays like Christmas, New Year's Eve and Thanksgiving are popular for proposals, as are special occasions like birthdays.)

Guys aren't just dropping to one knee and pulling a small box from their jacket pocket at a restaurant anymore. That's amateur night compared to the effort and expense some men are exerting now to get a "yes" from their wife-to-be. Take one look at reality TV and you'll see the long lengths men are now going to surprise their girlfriends with over-the-top scenarios. I Propose is a show on the Style Network now, with the tag line, "he only gets one chance to do it right."

And I guess he'd better give some thought to it because a recent survey* found that 25 percent of women consider the wedding proposal as, "more important than the wedding ceremony" (*online survey for Robbins Bros., the World's BiggestEngagement Ring Store).

It seems men who pop the question have even more work to do these days to make the moment memorable. But for all the newly-engaged women from recent holiday proposals and those who will say "yes" tonight, the next big moment is downright effortless when compared with the guys' preparations. While the women squeal about their sparkly new ring over lunch with their closest girl friends, asking "will you be my bridesmaid" will take about as much angst and energy as saying "I do" to that last piece of Cupid's chocolate.

Chick flick / chick date movie
posted by Kathy from 2/01/2008 | 0 Comments | Permalink

I'm no psychic but I pretty correctly pegged the outcome of the hit film "27 Dresses." I won't spoil it for those of you who are waiting for the DVD release, but what did surprise me about this film just might encourage you to fork over extra cash for a movie theater ticket (and popcorn).

I checked out "27 Dresses" during a weekday matinee showing. There were 18 of us in the audience and when I say "us," I mean women -- not a fella in sight. Three gals were in their teens, I'm out of my twenties, and the rest... well, let's just say they were able to purchase senior citizens' tickets. And we all had a great time! What other recent movie featured jokes that landed equally on women with 40-50 years between them? We all laughed at the same lines and groaned knowingly at Jane's (Katherine Heigl) "fashion show" of terrible bridesmaid dresses. We all pulled for her to forget about "Mr. Unattainable," put herself first, and grab "Mr. Fantastic" who's right in front of her.

The other details and plot twists that make "27 Dresses" fun might look familiar to women who've put on one of those taffeta disasters. Jane delivers the wedding dress after standing in for the bride in the final fitting, orders the cake, and helps select napkins, linens and the food menu. But there's one particular scene that will make you choose your words and photos carefully when preparing a rehearsal dinner slideshow toast. Ouch.

The story is really enjoyable, giving us a full cast characters, and we end up rooting for all of them in the end. The creative turns make this a lively movie and not a typical formulaic romantic comedy. But what I loved most about seeing "27 Dresses" at my local theater was how the theme of a bridesmaid's burdens and bliss resonated with women of all ages and backgrounds.

This movie reinforces my decision to create Not all women have careers. Not all women get married. Not all women have children. But the overwhelming majority of us will don a dress that's not flattering, wear dyed-to-match shoes that aren't comfortable, and pay for showers & parties with money we don't have in the bank. We do it because we love our girl friends. We talk on the phone for hours when a gal pal is overwhelmed by life, send a thoughtful notecard when she's bagged that big promotion, and laugh over too much wine for... no real reason. The women in our lives -- by relation or by choice -- are vital to our emotional well-being. So when they choose us to stand at the altar with them, we'll do it even if it means wearing a toga.

So grab those best buds and make a chick flick date. Go see "27 Dresses," eat popcorn, Milk Duds, Raisinets, and celebrate the lengths we'll go when it comes to being a good friend, in one ugly bridesmaid dress or 100.

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