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Brow down to Anastasia
posted by Kathy from 3/04/2008 | 0 Comments | Permalink

Throw me a lifeline! I'm nearly drowning in magazines right now. I subscribe to an incredibly wide range of titles (from Brides to Elle to Entrepreneur to Newsweek) so I can cast a wide net for information that could be of interest to you, the women of BridesmaidEssentials. I'm trying to be a "bridesmaid aggregator," if you will, to gather all the info you could need but don't have time (or desire!) to find.

So I was perusing the March issue of Cosmopolitan (with the ever-sultry Rihanna on the cover). I know it's surprising that I saw the cover headline of "Your va-jay-jay" and didn't immediately turn to the article... no, I did the page-by-page browse. I must be an old married lady, because what got me most excited was the "beauty book" section. I am a complete sucker for before-and-after photos so I got hooked on the pics in "The Sexiest Eyebrows Ever" article (begins on page 133).

It got me thinking... my brows definitely look more like the "before" images. Not so chic. I think I've been spending a bit too much time in front of the computer getting launched and not enough time on my shaggy brows. So I made an appointment at my local Anastasia salon (store locator). In nearly every magazine article I've read on eyebrow shaping, Anastasia Soare (see photo at right) -- and her Anastasia technique -- is listed.

My local Anastasia salon is in the cosmetics department of our Nordstrom (many others are part of Sephora locations) so it's very convenient. I had a fantastic, relaxing experience! I didn't realize how unkempt my brows were until the Anastasia practitioner cleaned them up which, in turn, made me look so much more polished.

The bride's not the only one who's earned some pampering before the wedding! This is a great treat to give yourself a week or so before the big day. Bridesmaids are in a ton of photos, so it feels wonderful to know you look good, too.

The new challenge will come as I try to maintain the Anastasia transformation. I brow down to her expertise. Thank goodness all those articles I've read on brow shaping were correct. Now, onto the rest of that issue of Cosmo...

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