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Maid money
posted by Kathy from 7/08/2008 | 1 Comments | Permalink

Every woman who's been a bridesmaid knows she often has to dig deep -- in her purse -- to fulfill nuptial obligations. Between the showers and the bachelorette party, the tally can add up quickly.

If your personal budget is already tighter than Joan Rivers' face, there's hope to keep yourself out of debt while helping your friend say, "I do."

I recently logged on to my eBay account to sell some old workout DVDs (I'm enjoying my gym membership much more now, thank you) and I saw this headline on the home page: "did you know that the average person has $1200 in sellable itmes just sitting around the house?" I did not know that!

I also caught a great segment on ABC's "Good Morning America" about the same issue. Workplace contributor Tory Johnson mentioned the findings of a Nielsen survey that showed, "the average household has 52 unused items originally worth $3,100." So she linked up with a New York couple to help them find their hidden cash. She spent just a week with them. "In that short time we uncovered more than $10,000 worth of stuff," said Johnson. Ten... thousand... dollars. Holy yard sales, Batman! That's a lot of money.

Surely, I had a couple hundred bucks worth of sellable items in our house, right? As it turns out, I did! So far, through eBay, Craigslist and Amazon* (see the "how-to" below), my husband and I have already made $731.72 in just a few weeks. We still have a large pile of stuff to list.

If your stuffed, overflowing closet needs the most attention, you can always sell that old bridesmaid dress. Check out the Flip That Dress section. For a simple $10 listing fee you can post your dress and sell it to someone else. Thus, making room in your home for something new & fabulous... or just making room in your wallet for some extra cash!

**HOW TO SELL ON AMAZON.COM: Create an account or sign in to your Amazon.con account. Then click on "your account" in the upper righthand area of the screen. Once in the "your account" section, click on the "sell your stuff" icon. Usually, you'll need a UPC or other barcode information from the product so Amazon can exactly identify the item.

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